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The City of Santa Clarita

The city of Santa Clarita in the state of CaliforniaIt is not a secret that we are very enthusiastic about living and working in Santa Clarita, CA. It has been our favorite city for a while and we just think it is a huge privilige that we can spend our life here. The community is absolutely amazing, we enjoy every day we get the opportunity to serve the people who are living here. Especially because with our profession we sense that we can create real value for the folks around here. Based on our many years of existence in the city, here we have gathered a few facts about Santa Clarita is you are new to the city or you are planning a trip here and you are not sure yet what sights and places to visit. We can only encourage you to come here, because this is such a beautiful place in California. 

Fun facts about the city of Santa Clarita, CA:

The estimated population of the city is around 213,000.

We are located in Los Angeles County, California. 

The city was first incorporated in 1987. 

The city got its name from Spanish explorers who named it after St. Clare of Assissi.

Santa Clarita is known for it’s low crime rate, the number of violent crimes is just about one third of the national average. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain is the largest employer of the city. If you have not visited it yet, you definitely should, especially if you have kids!

The neighborhoods we are from:

Rancho Santa Clarita

Our favorite restaurants in Santa Clarity:

Lazy Dog

Our favorite sights in the city:

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Central Park

Each year so many of our friends are visiting us here in Santa Clarita and it really is not a big surprise why. The climate of the city is just perfect during the entire year and the Six Flags Magic Mountain is just so much fun for the entire family. Really, you cannot imagine what a lovely time you will have here if you bring your whole family here. It is great food, great weather, lovely people here, so you really cannot get wrong if you decide to visit Santa Clarita. Once you experience what the city has to offer, there is no turning back, you will want to visit us every year! If you are visiting our city and you need any help with your car, definitely reach out to us and we will give you a few additional tips on how you can spend your time here while we are fixing your vehicle. 


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#1 Mobile Mechanics in Santa Clarita

Call Now: (661) 200-4248